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For the best results organizers care for the same number of male and female dancers. The organizers reserve the right to select participants because of limited number of places in the marathon. We’re accepting applications solo and in pairs , however, couples will prevail
To register please fill in a registration form on link below. If there are any technical problems don’t hesitate to email us:

Marathon pass (Price 90 euro) includes:

  • Friday Milonga 21.00-04.00, Saturday Milonga 14.00-04.00, Sunday Milonga 14.00-19.00
  • Performances of:
    — Daniel Nacucchio & Cristina Sosa
    — Special Guest couple (will be announced later)
  • Venue on the territory of Jazdow Castle with:
    — Wooden dance floor
    — Black box theater* dancing room
    — Air conditioned room
    — Separate changing rooms
    — Shower
    — Lounge zone with soft poufs
  • 2 x main dish
  • 2 x soups
  • Water, tea and coffee
  • Snacks (cookies, fruits etc.)

* Black box theater — a large square room with black walls and a flat floor (also black)

Not included in “Marathon pass”(buy tickets before the entrance):
  • Opening milonga (Thursday)
  • After-party milonga (Sunday evening)
  • Farewell milonga (Monday)

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