Inside the Venue: 

  • Wooden dance floor
  • Black box theater* dancing room
  • Air conditioned room
  • Separate changing rooms
  • Shower
  • Lounge zone with soft poufs
  • 2 x main dish
  • 2 x soups
  • Water, tea and coffee
  • Snacks (cookies, fruits etc.)


* Black box theater — a large square room with black walls and a flat floor (also black)

Outside the Venue:

Warsaw Tango Marathon El Navegador will take place at the Ujazdów Castle areaLaboratorium (former Arsenal).
Ujazdów Castle (Polish: Zamek Ujazdowski) is a castle from 17th century, reconstructed in a baroque-neoclassical style.
Around the Castle and Marathon venue there is a Jazdów Park and near is located Łazienki Królewskie Park (it’s in top 10 places “must see in Poland”- according to TripAdvisor ranking).


Adress : Ujazdów Castle — Laboratorium , Jazdów street  2, Warsaw, Poland

How to get there?

Please use this web page (or downloaded app on your smart phones) to find way by public transport to any place in Warsaw:

Eko Taxi:(+48) 22 644 22 22
Sawa Taxi: (+48) 22 644 44 44
Ele Taxi:  (+48) 22 811 11 11