Maestros – Yanina Quiñones and Neri Piliu

Workshops schedule

30th March, Saturday  
12.00 — 13.30 Workshop 1
Pivot, how to lead it, the back ocho and the forward ocho, the lead of the man the sensibility of the lady, and finally boleo
13.45 — 15.15 Workshop 2
Back sacadas technique, for the lady and for the man, when it’s the right moment to do it keeping the fluidity of the dance
15.30 — 17.00 Workshop 3
Individual technique for women: posture, balance, walk, pivot
place:Hotel Sangate at 32 Komitetu Obrony Robotników Street

31th March, Sunday
13.00 — 14.30  Workshop 4
«How to dance to different orchestras, both in the role of woman as in the role of man, so that we can enrich and embellish our dance, from the point of view of harmony in the couple, to the aesthetics, and the musical »
14.45 — 16.15 Workshop 5
Boleos from the traditional to the modern
place:Hotel Sangate at 32 Komitetu Obrony Robotników Street


1 Workshop (any)   25 euro
Solo techniques ( Workshop 3) 30 euro
4 Workshops (Workshop 1+2+4+5) 80 euro (20 euro each)

How to register for the workshops?

Registration for workshops (technique class is not included) can be made only in couples.
Registration for technique class can be made in solo.
If you don’t have a partner you can contact with us: