Maestros — Cristina Sosa y Daniel Nacucchio

Workshops schedule

13th April , Friday  
19.00 — 20.30 Workshop 1:
Personal technique for men and women (Body´s preparation to dance tango, foot exercises, posture and review of ochos and giros)
place: Tango School El Navegador, Kłopotowskiego 11/202 street

14th April, Saturday 
13.00 — 14.30 Workshop 2:
Caminatas y pisadas (Basic technique for complex walking, the feet and their relationship to the floor. Style on the feet.)
14.45 — 16.15 Workshop 3:
La Marca (Working connection from the proposal and response. How to lead, how to answer . Communication)
16.30 — 18.00 Workshop 4:
Technique for men and women (posture, embellishment, ochos, giros)
place: Tango School El Navegador, Kłopotowskiego 11/202 street

15th April , Sunday 
13.00 — 14.30  Workshop 5:
 Embellishments for men and women (Different types of embellishments to use in different situations) .
14.45 — 16.15 Workshop 6:
Giros suaves del hombre y la mujer ( Turns for mens and ladys. How to do it, how to use it with the music, its lead and embellishments)
place: Tango School El Navegador, Kłopotowskiego 11/202 street


1 Workshop (any)   25 euro
2 Workshops — Solo techniques ( Workshop 1+Workshop 4) 40 euro (20 euro each)
4 Workshops (Workshop 2+3+5+6) 80 euro (20 euro each)
6 Workshops (all ) 105 euro (18 euro each)

How to register for the workshops?

Registration for workshops (technique class is not included) can be made only in couples.
Registration for technique class can be made in pairs or solo.
If you don’t have a partner you can contact with us:

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